How To Find Work As A Blockchain Developer
Finding work as blockchain developer can take time and be cumbersome. Looking for work in the right places can make this an easier process and allow you more time doing what you love, building blockchain networks and smart contracts. One of the biggest decisions you will have to make is the type of way you want to work, freelance or salaried. Both have their ups and downs. But I'll leave that for another post.

Freelance Markets
Upwork: You can never mention freelance without mentioning Upwork. Contrary to what you might hear, it isn't an awful platform. Especially for US-based developers.They actively remove much of the spam and scams that you will come across on other platforms. There are also plenty of blockchain jobs to go around that pay quite well. The team at Upwork can be picky, so make sure to add plenty of projects, work experience, etc. before submitting your profile for review. This marketplace has a few advantages. It doesn't take as long as Upwork to get approved and begin working. At the same time, you will be competing with a lot more people and the pay for work is much lower on this platform. This freelance platform is geared specifically to blockchain work. Writing whitepapers, building smart contracts, and anything else blockchain and cryptocurrency-related. This is still a new platform so I'd exercise caution before putting in a lot of time. This platform does seem promising for the future.

Job Boards
Indeed: Doing a search for "Hyperledger" yields many, many blockchain developer jobs. This is a tried and true job board with plenty of places to apply. A job board geared specifically for blockchain and cryptocurrency jobs. Still new, so don't expect as many jobs as you'd see on Indeed.

CoinDesk Jobs: While primarily focused on being the resource for blockchain news, they have now added a job board specifically for jobs related to blockchain technologies.
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