Want to start learning Hyperledger Fabric & Composer? Start Here!
Why Fabric?
Decentralization and blockchain technology is still a very recent development. Currently there is a surge in demand for blockchain developers. Companies are having difficulty hiring developers with this sort of experience. Whether you are trying to gain new skills for a career or just want to pick up a new hobby, Hyperledger Fabric is a great and in demand tool to learn.

Wait, is this just another cryptocurrency?
No. As a matter of fact, Hyperledger Fabric has nothing to do with cryptocurrency. I expand more on that here.

So what is Hyperledger Fabric then?
Imagine if multiple organizations/companies had a simple, distributed way of sharing information and communicating between each other. And furthermore, without the possibility of one party going in and manipulating old data. Hyperledger Fabric makes this possible.

Okay, I want to learn. How do I start?
This will be a list of tutorials in order of the general progression of learning Hyperledger Fabric. if you're completely new, it's recommended to follow in order.

Install Hyperledger Fabric On Your Ubuntu VPS

Model Files
Writing your first model (.cto) file
Creating enumerated types
Connecting multiple model files
Creating a participant
Using concepts in your model file

Access Control
Breakdown of a permissions.acl file

Writing your first transaction file (or smart contract)

Importing your files into Playground for testing
Exporting a .bna File

Deploy a .bna file and start the composer-rest-server
Enable user authentication for the composer-rest-server

More to come, this is still a work in progress!
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