Something more serious than Cryptokitties
We are glad to announce that we launched the first Crowdsurance DApp based on ERC721 Smart Token. The Luggage Crowdsurance ERC721 smart contract unites people in groups to protect their luggage during the flights. Person can become a part of Crowdsurance joining a pool with ETH or RST. Thanks to ERC721 Smart Token technology Luggage Crowdsurance Token (LCST) can be placed in Metamask wallet. To open risk coverage period LCST Token must be activated. Before activation the token can be transfered to another account. The reimbursement option is regulatedby the smart contract. The Luggage Crowdsurance Smart Contract will work on an application and will put 5 independent experts from the RST tokenholders to make a decision. Smart Contract gives 48 hours to make it, but the process takes 30 minutes.