Many new bug fixes in new release of Composer (v0.20.2)
Today a new version of Hyperledger Composer was released. Many new bug fixes and documentation updates.

Here's the full list:
#4456 include other cloud wallets in the Composer docker images
#4453 picks up the latest fabric shim 1.2.2 which provides continuous keep-a-lives within the node chaincode
#4443 use fabric 1.2.1 as part of automated test suite
#4447 adds client side performance logging

Bug fixes
#4451 update multi-org tutorial to use fabric 1.2.1, provide caveats around generated angular app
#4417 angular fix to stop fails on a concept
#4440 modification so when a peer stopped or disconnected, queryChaincode will try other peers
#4437 removes all references to LIMIT and SKIP
#4439 performance logging is now available at the verbose level rather than debug for the chaincode runtime, default changed to warning
#4441 add more event logging and close channel on disconnect to hlfv1 connector
#4421, #4448, #4420 Fix various doc issues thanks to @bjrnt
#4450, #4438 general tidy up