[1.1] Hyperledger Fabric explained - crypto-config.yaml
In order to configure and launch your own Hyperledger fabric network, you will need 3 files 




This tutorial try to explain how, the crypto-config.yaml file is structured. 

The crypto-config.yaml file is pretty simple to create. It define your network participants and is use for create all necessary for each peer (TLS  certificate...).

[Image: 1538565415-crypto-config.png]
Structure :

OrdererOrgs :
                -Name : Orderer org name (defined on configtx)
                 Domain : Orderer domain
                Specs :
                                - Hostname : orderer hostname (you can set as many hostname as needed)

PeerOrgs :
                -Name : Org name
                 Domain : org domain
                 Template :
                               Count : 3 (number of peer defined on your docker-composer file)
                 Users :
                               Count : 1 (number of user accounts in addition to admin)

(If you have more than one org in your network, copy/paste and add all your org definition)