Academic Certification POC
Thanks!!  I don't know where to start with the transactions.  I'm not experienced with javascript.  All the examples I can find are for financial applications.  If an institute wants to issue an award to a student, what would the code look like?

Thanks so much for your persisting guidance!!!
For the transactions I need:
transfer a certificate to a student
rescind a transferred award, in case of academic offence and the like

Do I need any other transactions?
Hi, guys, I have been trying my hardest to get my head around the transactions and have made a small step forward:-)

I have my asset (award) with a Student participant who will be the owner of the award and an issuer 'Institution' participant.

I'm trying to create a transaction (IssueAward) that changes the student owner, but I get an error "expected a Relationship"

Can you help me understand why I get that message and possible steps to resolve it??


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On line 60 of the model file,
o String newOwner

Should be:
--> Student newOwner
Thank you!! That fixed it but threw another error. I have the Event setup like this:
event newEvent {
--> Award asset
o String oldValue
o String newValue
When I run the transaction, I get that t: Model violation in instance XXX oldValue has value XXX expected type String. I think that the owner property is not held as a string? Which data type is owner? The oldValue is the id of a student participant.

Thanks again
Owner is a relationship. No data type. But you should be able to pull studentId. I haven't worked with events too much so I may be wrong.
I deleted the event block and the transaction works now :-)
(09-08-2018, 12:53 AM)kevin Wrote: I deleted the event block and the transaction works now :-)
Awesome! That's good to hear.
Is it possible to enable a participant, to grant access to another participant to view an asset owned by the first participant?

For instance, If a student is given an award, and then a potential employer wanted to confirm the award is real.

Does that make sense? If it is possible where to start??

Tough takers?