EtherMage: Upcoming Blockchain Trading Card Game TCG
Hi all, we're Game Developers and we're trying to bring something different to the table.

EtherMage is not just another game riding on the Blockchain Bandwagon, we're here to show that fun and engaging games can be made using the technology. Featuring a unique battle system that is extremely simple to learn and play whilst offering much depth to experiment and explore.

EtherMage will be kicking off soon with a bunch of Pre-launch Events in store for you!

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Look out for our Medium updates including our how-to-play and how-to-earn guides.

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Feel free to ask us any questions. We're here to share Smile
Cool Check out EtherMage - A Blockchain TCG!
This is very cool! The cards look well done too. Please update us as development continues. Looking forward to playing.
Hi all, we're giving away FREE cards! Claim yours now at

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