Hyperledger Fabric Coin?
How do I buy the Hyperledger Fabric coin? by ibm
There is no coin for Hyperledger Fabric since it's a private blockchain. Maybe buy stocks of IBM?

Read here, https://chaincodedevs.com/showthread.php?tid=7
Quote:A common misconception with Fabric is that is associated with a cryptocurrency. This is not the truth. In fact, the very reason this tool was developed was to separate the power of a decentralized blockchain ledger and a cryptocurrency. For some, it can be hard to not associate the term blockchain with cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Litecoin, etc.). After all, for years if you wanted to benefit from the blockchain technology, doing so through a cryptocurrency was the only way. So how does Fabric differ:

-With Fabric, a Network Peer Admin can distribute permissions to other organizations on the same network. For example, one organization may only be able to view network transactions, while another organization can create them. But a random person can never come in and start performing transactions without permission.

Less Power Requirements:
-In a trustless environment, like that of many cryptocurrencies, Proof-of-Work (commonly referred to as mining) was the only way to delegate authority. Anyone can access the blockchain/perform transactions in a trustless environment. In Fabric, since it's a private blockchain, expensive mining isn't required to maintain such a blockchain. Only organizations delegated by the Peer Network Admin will have access to the ledger.