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Some Wei're, an Ethereum treasure hunt dapp! - SomeWeire - 10-10-2019

Some Wei're is an Ethereum mobile dapp (exclusively for now) to set up Treasure hunts. With Some Wei're, bury an amount of ethers at a given location, or dig for buried ethers. Any kind of event can now be incentivized, whether it is a bycicle race, a hike, a trek, an escape game or a marketing event. The users will have the chance to win real ether!

[Image: feature.png]

Download Some Wei're on Google Play

It exploits a smart contract (0x33EF51485255F8E6fc91654dD237Cd96bF115BbD) that stores the amount with the location as the key, when the amount is buried.

To obtain the amount, the user has to be at the same location (then, his coordinates will correspond to the key to allow unlocking the amount) and dig the ethers.

To use the dapp, only the private key of a provided account is necessary, which will be stored encrypted in your phone. Use a dedicated account to use the app, to store temporarily the amount you found or the amount you are about to bury.

To set up a treasure hunt, the organizers have to communicate themselves on the location or the hints to find the ethers. The dapp is the tool that allows the treasure hunt. An organizer can also check the status of his buried amount by entering the coordinates. Only the address which buried the amount can access the status.

Check out the presentation articile on Medium for a full guide through the dapp : Some Wei're Presentation on Medium
and join us on Telegram : Some Wei're on Telegram

Enjoy a new kind of treasure hunting!