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What OS do you use daily?? - Sonisyll - 05-15-2018

Anyone else here use only exclusively linux? I tried windows for awhile but hated it.

RE: What OS do you use daily?? - BlockMcChainy - 05-15-2018

I use Windows for most things like work related stuff, gaming and producing multimedia stuff. I think linux is nice for doing technical things, but not really for everyday use. I'm probably biased anyway.

RE: What OS do you use daily?? - atcvince - 05-16-2018

I mostly use Windows as well. The exception is when I'm playing around with blockchain stuff. That's on Linux (Ubuntu) running in Oracle VM VirtualBox.

RE: What OS do you use daily?? - admin - 05-16-2018

I use Ubuntu and that's about it. My work laptop does have Windows but I typically only use it when required for certain programs/hardware. My biggest fear with Windows 10 is the gaping security vulnerabilities, adware forced in updates, and Microsoft's added in keyloggers and other spyware. Who knows where that data is going and being sold to. Not to mention, Open Source is the way to go. This forum is powered by numerous open source softwares. Most blockchain technologies are open source. It's the way to improving the future and a big reason on why computers and internet are so successful today.

RE: What OS do you use daily?? - njones920 - 11-19-2018

I use Ubuntu primarily these days.