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Composer 0.19.16 released - admin - 10-04-2018

This new update to Hyperledger Composer (0.19.16) provides some new features for logging and bug fixes. Full release details are here:

#4424 picks up the latest fabric shim 1.1.3 which provides continuous keep-a-lives within the node chaincode
#4415 improvements to connector logging and a better disconnect mechanism. Client apps default log setting changed to warning
#4434 adds the ability to get some performance metrics from the hlfv1 fabric connector when doing invoke/query

Bug fixes
#4433 modification so when a peer stopped or disconnected, queryChaincode will try other peers
#4431 removes all references to LIMIT and SKIP from v0.19.x
#4429 performance logging is now available at the verbose level rather than debug for the chaincode runtime